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Though the Pomapoo dog breed is a bit on the petite side, this friendly canine packs a lot of personality and affection into their tiny frame. This adorable combination of Pomeranian and a Poodle may just be the pup you’ve been searching for. With all of the smarts and sass of both breeds, this unique mix tends to have a lot of energy, which makes them an always-entertaining addition to your family.When it comes to personality, Pomapoos have plenty to spare—with their sweet, spunky, and affectionate nature endearing them to all they come in contact with. And you can be sure that the Pomapoo is always the center of attention, much like their Pomeranian parents who also adore the admiration of others. Pomapoos are great with kids because of their friendly and gentle personalities, but little humans will need to take extra care to not injure them by accident, since their small size makes these pups extra-vulnerable. They also get along splendidly with other animals, especially since they prefer companionship to being left alone. When it comes to loyalty, the Pomapoo is very attached to their family—they may even bark at strangers if they haven’t been properly trained (we blame that adorable Pomeranian influence). They’re too tiny to be aggressive, though they may be a bit standoffish around strangers…until they get to know them, of course.


Sandy is a female, red merle, Pom-A-Poo (Pomeranian/ Poodle mix). Her father weighs 8lbs and her mother weighs 9lbs. She is microchipped, registerable with the International Canine Association, and comes with a four generation pedigree. Her breeder is USDA licensed, state licensed, and accredited by the AKC. 


SKU: P8698
  • Puppy Information:

    Breed -Pom-A-Poo


    DOB: 3/26/2024

    Registry: ICA


  • Health Information:

    All shots/vaccines/dewormings up to date. Vet checked by Dr. Lane of Ridgewood Animal Hospital.

  • Financing Available:

    Take your puppy home today! Apply from the comfort of your own home! Apply

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