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Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrot species, these adorable birds have a stocky build and short tails. They form lifelong pair bonds with their chosen mates and have been referred to as the “South American lovebird” but they are not actually related to lovebirds. 

Born nibblers, Parrotlets love to be held and will nibble on your clothes, hair, ears, and jewelry. This is perfectly normal behavior. These bold little birds can learn to talk just like their bigger cousins Parrots, repeating words and simple phrases. In the wild, Parrotlets are green and resemble small parakeets. There are several species of Parrotlets but the most common is the  Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus Coelestis). These birds are naturally aggressive in nature but when handled correctly as we do at the Friendly Bird Aviary, they can be trained to be sweet companions. Parrotlets that remain aggressive after our training, thrive as breeders. Forcing a bird to behave against its nature is not something we desire or encourage.


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    Hand Raised

    Hatched: 3/24

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