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The black-capped conure is one of the smallest of the conure parrots, as well as one of the most distinctive in appearance with its brownish-black crown and scale-patterned neck. Black-capped conures can be slightly shy, but once comfortable with their adopted family; they are an inquisitive and loving pet. This bird has the notable advantage of being a quieter species than other conures. 

Black-capped conures make beautiful, fun-loving pets. While they do require a great deal of attention from their owners, they always seem to reward human efforts with their hilarious antics. They enjoy interacting with their owners and crave daily playtime and attention. These birds will become easy-going and friendly with family members but can remain a bit shy with strangers.Conures do best in a household that is active and bustling, as the activity keeps them interested and stimulated. If you are interested in a black-capped conure, make sure you have plenty of time to socialize and interact with the bird.Highly social and trainable, these intelligent creatures can get bored if not mentally stimulated or ignored. Even hand-raised parrots can reject human interaction if left alone for long periods or if they feel neglected. A lonely bird can become depressed and develop both medical and behavioral problems as a result.

This bird is one of the quieter of the conure species. It is not known to be one of the best talkers, but with patient training, the black-capped conure can learn a small repertoire of words and phrases.

Black Cap Conure

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